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Strategic Solutions

Operational business problem you need to solve? Perhaps you are looking for smart, real-time management reporting? Maybe your current business software is not giving you the tools and features you need to manage, grow and drive your business forward? Relax, you’ve come to the right place!


Blazing fast, secure hosting means your Uber Digital web application or dashboard will be super quick and safe from the day it launches. You can be sure to always get the fastest and most reliable applications when hosting with Uber Digital.

Dedicated Support

We don’t stop caring once your solution is live. Ongoing support is as important to us as it is to you. We’ll manage and monitor your application and make sure everything is always up and running. We’re also on hand to develop changes and additions to your solution so it continues to evolve as your business grows and changes.


Getting to know your business

As with all successful projects, planning is key. We work alongside our clients and take a real and genuine interest to better understand what makes their business tick – their staff, their customers, their products and services. We look at all the things that are unique to them and that make their business tick. Along the way we look for areas where technology and systems are falling short on what they should be doing - driving the business forward.

From this we build a plan for the business’ ideal system that can be used by all staff to market, sell, manage, support, automate and report. With all the features you want and need, none of the ones you don’t and an easy to use, powerful and custom dashboard, your business is set free to grow and flourish.

Improve the efficiency of your team

Efficiency is key to any successful business, especially a growing business. Inefficient systems lead to wasted time, wasted money and a lower job satisfaction for your teams carrying out long-winded tasks day-to-day.

Many businesses use software with tonnes of features they don’t want that’s lacking in key areas for staff in all roles. Reporting can be a long and painful process. Getting access to the data that staff and management need when they need it can be an ongoing headache.

A custom dashboard from Uber Digital will streamline processes, save money and time across the business so productivity can soar.


Visualise your data

Your business is full of important data – from sales, service and accounting to staff activity and performance.

Uber Digital solutions brings this information together from your business’ various software programs and sources to present them in a clean, easy to use company dashboard. These solutions empower everyone in your organisation with accurate, beautifully presented data that’s easy to share securely from any device.

With real-time access to essential data, presented in a way personalised to different roles or teams, you’ll make better and more informed decisions faster than ever before.

Technologies we use

  • PHP
  • My SQL
  • Laravel
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • jQuery
  • VueJS
  • Git