What do Uber Digital do?

Simply put - we solve problems. We do this by designing and building smart, dynamic and custom web applications for our clients.

Some of our clients have a specific problem they want to solve or overcome. Some other of our clients are going through periods of growth or change and their current software just isn’t providing them with an easy to use, capable and efficient way to run their business. Traditional software often forces their teams to work in a particular way and can be over complicated or long-winded in its processes. This is where we come in. We change all that.


Really though, what do Uber Digital do?

Here are some examples of web applications and dashboards we develop…

  • Customer satisfaction survey and reporting
  • Support and incident management
  • Online examinations
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting dashboard
  • Recruitment and candidate tracker with reporting
  • Residential property management web-application

We have experience delivering flexible and affordable solutions to many sectors. In particular many of our clients are in property, manufacturing and recruitment sectors. In these, our industry specific knowledge and understanding of industry practices and processes gives us a real edge over the competition.

What makes us different?

We care. We care about the projects we work on and the clients we work for. We take the time to understand what makes up each individual client – their priorities, goals and strengths. We are passionate about what we do and enjoy our work immensely.

Some of the things that sets Uber Digital and our solutions apart from other web-development companies…

  • First and most valuable is our personable team
  • A never-ceasing, can-do attitude to our work
  • Passion for innovation and dynamic problem solving
  • An emphasis on usability and flexible automation of known tasks
  • A thorough and considered approach to everything we do
  • Service excellence from first meeting to well beyond the project launch