Strategic Solutions

Operational business problem you need to solve? Perhaps you are looking for smart, real-time management reporting? Maybe your current business software is not giving you the tools and features you need to manage, grow and drive your business forward? Relax, you’ve come to the right place!


Blazing fast, secure hosting means your Uber Digital web application or dashboard will be super quick and safe from the day it launches. You can be sure to always get the fastest and most reliable applications when hosting with Uber Digital.

Dedicated Support

We don’t stop caring once your solution is live. Ongoing support is as important to us as it is to you. We’ll manage and monitor your application and make sure everything is always up and running. We’re also on hand to develop changes and additions to your solution so it continues to evolve as your business grows and changes.


Web application and dashboard development

Solutions may require a web-application to be developed, or a dashboard may be a better answer, others benefit from a combination of both.

We build applications small and large. Some solve a single problem or manage a particular task whilst others replace one or more pieces of software to more efficiently run your whole business.

The web-applications and dashboards are dynamic and flexible so as a business grows and changes, so too does the software solution from Uber Digital. Don’t like something? Change it. Need a new feature? Let’s get that added.

It’s software for your business, but not like you’re used to.

Who are our services aimed at?

Businesses large and small who are looking to address operational and process issues through implementation of dynamic and hard-working, easy-to-use software their teams will love working with.

Some of our clients come to us with a specific business problem they want to solve or overcome. It may stem from wasted time and people resources, missed opportunities or lack of real-time information to make decisions. Other typical new clients are going through periods of growth or change and their current software just isn’t providing them with an easy to use, capable and efficient way to run their business. Traditional software often forces their teams to work in an inefficient or unrealistic way which can be over complicated or long-winded in its processes. This is where we come in. We change all that.